I have a plotting configuration problem. I can not create a plot file for
the plotter at the service bureau. The one that is created has bizarre page
sizes. This is only seen by the printer when they are plotting on their Oce
9800. My work-around is to copy the files onto the old system and plot from
there. The old system works fine but will be replaced by a new machine.
The applications I use are ADT R2 & LDT R2 (AutoCAD 2K)
old OS = Win98se
new OS = Win2Kpro
How do I configure my plotters to work properly on Windows 2000 pro for
these two applications?
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C T Litchfield
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Depends very much on what driver you operate. Best results come out if you configure a plotter like the HP750 to create the plotfiles for the OCE machine. It is known that the OCE needs to translate the plotfiles to its own system, it therefore needs some kind of compatible file, even new files like the HP1050 won't work. So, inhouse we use HP1050 files for our own plotter, extern files are HP750. Problem solved.
Hope it puts you on the right track, if not, try the autodesk.autocad.print-plot newsgroup and ask to Govert Knopper.
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