Re: delete layer?

Also, if he's using something such as Architectural Desktop,
Some proxy objects create layers which cannot be deleted by normal
means. Autodesk has a solution on their forum, though I haven't
visited it in a while, but even their suggestions were innefectual
with the proxy objects.
There are several reasons for a layer being non-purgeable. The most common
> ones are that (1) the layer contains one or more objects; (2) the layer is
> referenced by a block definition (even though the block itself may not have
> any objects on that layer); and (3) the layer is frozen in one or more paper
> space viewports.
> Check for all three of these conditions, correct if needed, then run the
> PURGE command.
> ___
> > Please, I'm learning to use AutoCad. I ran into a situation in which I > tried
> > to delete a layer but it just won't go. Is it truly possible to delete a
> > layer that one has created or is my system faulty?
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