Recommend Block/Detail Mngmnt. Software, Anyone?

Ive been looking into some of the Detail/Block Managers that are available
(from shareware on up to $'s)...Has anyone any input about ones that they've
used and liked (or didn't for that matter!), and whether they thought the
cost was justified, A short review would be appreciated, but even better
would be to find someone who might trade/share it out. If so, contact me
with a wish list.
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HiHo; AutoCAD Design Center is the way to go. Bring up Design Center in the folder specified (containing your blocks) will give you a preview (if you want). Just right-click and insert or drag-n-drop the one you want!
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I'd strongly suggest writing your own. I've never been impressed by any of the ones I've seen, though I've never tried actually using them, either.
IMO that's a task who's needs vary widely from user to user and shop to shop. I doubt I could find one that worked the way I wanted to. It could be as simple as an icon menu, which isn't very difficult at all to create. If that would suit you, check into it.
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Can you add more blocks to the Design Center somehow?
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Take a look at
formatting link
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Terry W. Dotson

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