Where's the bottleneck?

Hi all,
I was using AC2003 and upgraded to 2007. The machine
is a P4 1700 with 1G of ram and an ATA100 160G hd
with a decent video card. Now the computer runs Autocad
real slow, oh, the OS is Windows 2000 Pro. Any ideas?
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***** charles
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How big is your swap file? Is your swap file on the system drive or a second drive on the secondary ATA bus? Is your minimum and maximum swap file size the same. do you need to defrag?
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2007 wants state of the art computer power. You haven't got it. Any computer you buy today will be fater than what you are using, even a $500 junker that the stores advertise to get you in the door. The P4 was notoriously poor at math processing which is the key to Acad performance, and you have a slow P4
***** charles wrote:
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Jerry G
I have heard that the about version 2007 the autocad dwg file sizes got appreciably smaller, and was lead to believe that the structure of the data base had been reworked. Later I heard that they simply built compression into the file, which would seem to require that extra processor horse power you mention.
traded hard disk space, which is cheap, for processor power, which is not so cheap. not the way I would have gone. Any thoughts on this?
by the way - how would you rate these specs?
AMD Dual Core 3800+ System with 1GB DDR2, 160GB, DVDRW
* AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ and 1GB PC4200 DDR2 RAM * Vista ready nVidia geForce 256MB video (shared) * 160GB SATA, DVD burner * Biostar NF61VM w/ 16x PCI Express expansion slot * 8 channel audio, gigabit network * 52 format flash card reader
$349 from a place I have done much business with. it beats the system I am typing on now, which is the best I have been able to afford. ( I am an AMD kind of guy - no P4 problems here )
won't list the business here, that would be tacky. if you have any interest you can email me. I think.
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