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was to my favorite scrap yard and true to my request the scraper had put
off to the side any 'smithing tools that pass through... this time it
was a leg vise... problem, it was a rather large leg vise ... now I've
got a nice six incher this one is an eight yeah I've never seen one this
big before.. i think it started out in a railroad shop . they'd be the
only likely users i can think of... so any info would be appreciated
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John Myers
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This is a problem??? You live on the west coast? Need sombody to take it off your hands?
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oh greyangel , the problem is ... not really a problem , but the difficulty is to find the 'smith that needs this here vice . and is going to come get it , me, i'd like to see it gets to a good home not a "tool holder" but a brother working ...and hey i'd also like to kinda keep track of it . and nope north west ohio ... sorry
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John Myers

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