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Hello Everyone,
I'd like to announce a new blacksmithing forum called WebForge. It's
hosted by the Capital District Blacksmiths' Association (NY).
Our goal is to provide another venue for blacksmiths to meet and chat
about what's on their mind. It's open to any and all who are
interested in posting. Because CDBA is committed to assisting the
spread of blacksmithing information, relevant cross posting is
encouraged; particularly in the area of "Blacksmithing
Events/Classes", but is also welcomed in the other divisions also.
This forum is unique in that it offers divisions for not only for the
Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced smiths, but it also has special
areas focusing in on modern technologically assisted blacksmithing,
Colonial American reproductions/techniques, and Early Iron Age
WebForge -
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Daniel Crowther
Secretary & Webmaster
Capital District Blacksmiths' Association
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I am wondering why another forum is needed. We already have at least two specifically for blacksmithing. The more we get the less attendance there will be on each one, resulting in a smaller knowledge base, and fewer available resources for the readership. You can certainly create as many of them as you wish, but it isn't helping out the blacksmithing community, only hurting it. You only dilute the resources with more forums...just my personal thoughts on the matter.
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Ron Reil

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