Can someone craft a new brain for me?

My old brain was made of iron, unfortunately it rusted while I was swimming and now I´m pretty brainless.

So I need a new brain, made of a metal that resists water and air.

What do you recommend AND is anyone skilled enough to craft a brain for me ?

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Eric Coldo
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Eric Coldo wrote:

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old (Eric Coldo) wrote in news:

Sorry, most of us don't work with miniatures. . .

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Kill files are for sissy's! :)

I'm too stupid to answer your questions, I too could use a new brain, if you find the answers, tell me about it, and we'll both know, ok? :)

Alvin in AZ ps- it's just a kid

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I'd sugjest a wooden brain,, but that wooden work,,, Bear

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There's steel, but that steel wooden work.

Ah! Lead! ... no, it steel wooden lead you think.

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Carl West

Lead?! Why, that's plumb crazy!


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Daniel Dillman

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