death of usenet rumored!!

Is there any other blacksmithing forum that is still active?
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Check the Ubana web site.
Go from there. Lots of clubs and such.
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Martin Eastburn
On Usenet? Don't think so. Unless you want to sneak blacksmithing talking into the welding or metalwork groups.
Everyone seems to like iforgeiron instead.
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Curt Welch
Film at 11:00, eh?
"G" wrote:
Not on Usenet, AFAIK.
There's TheForge mailing list.
TheForge mailing list Home:
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You have to subscribe before you can post. Go to the "Home:" URL, above.
Traffic is sporadic but never heavy enough to be an annoyance.
You might also like ArtMetal. I used to hang out there a bit when Chris Ray was a regular.
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Mike Spencer

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