gas forge designs

help i'm looking for a proven design for a gas forge i have all
parts except the burner and need a better plan than my first try
which failed to
get hot enough for forge welding looking for box and gas line lay out
i'm fairly new to the art of blacksmithing and live in the city which
prohibits coal and wood burning furnices in your garage so until i
this is my new plan to find a better plan
thanks ED
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ed cooper
Loading thread data ... (ed cooper) Spaketh Thusly:
Ask this question of 100 gas forgers and 99 of them will tell you this:
formatting link
the 100th will assume you've already been there :-) Also, a google search of this group will turn up a lot of good info and some other good sites, but I think you'll find all you need there.
-- Bill H. Member VRWC
Molon Labe!
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The link did go to my home page, but the correct links are listed below, and without going through the entry page.
Forge & Foundry Page:
formatting link
Forge and Burner Design Page #1:
formatting link
Forge and Burner Design Page #2:
formatting link
Freon Tank Mini-forge:
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Golden Age Forge
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Ron Reil

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