mapp gas

Hi all,
I planning on playing around with casting.
I have a bunch of old scrape cast al and I'm moving.
I just want to melt the stuff and make ingots to make it easier to move
the stuff. I'll do more serious casting at the new location. Its one of
the things I looking forward to at the new location.
I have a bunch of old heavy fire bricks and light insulating bricks. I
also happen to have
a tank of mapp gas. Can I use that instead of propane in one
of those homemade propane burners.
Its a old tank and I just want to use up the gas and "condense the
scrap" at the same time.
I looking for a quick and dirty solution. Pile of brick furnace, simple
burner etc
Any thoughts are welcome.
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You don't need to melt aluminum to break it up. Get it hot and hit it with a hammer. If it's above forging heat, it breaks up easily. Forging heat is when a wooden stick will write on the hot aluminum like a black crayon. Get it hotter than that and it will break when hit.
MAPP gas burns a lot hotter than propane -- almost as hot as acetylene. Use it with care in a burner not designed for it. It may work fine. It may melt parts of the burner.
Bruce NJ
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(C3H4) MAPP Gas A colorless, non-toxic flammable gas with a very distinctive natural odor. Shipped as a liquid at it's vapor pressure of 97 psi at 70°F.
Key Benefits · MAPP gas is a stable, high energy fuel offering excellent performance for heating, brazing, soldering, metallizing, flame cutting and flame-hardening. · MAPP gas is made by combining liquefied petroleum gas with Methylacetylene-Propadiene.
The neutral oxy-MAPP Gas flame produces 2405 BTUs/cf with a 5301° F (2927° C) flame temperature. MAPP-air flames also produce better results, much faster than air-propane. MAPP Gas is available both in cylinders and in bulk quantities. Cylinder sizes range from one-pound throw-away units to large industrial cylinders containing 500 lbs (227 kg) of fuel. Both 1000 and 1850 gallon (3785 and 7002 liters) on-site storage tanks are available. Larger storage tanks are also available for high volume consumers
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Martin H. Eastburn
My son claims that a mapp-gas flame "wraps itself around a pipe". More so than pure propane at least?
Alvin in AZ
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It might be tracking the heated metal.
I use a special head on my hand (like doing water pipes torch) it is composed of several dozen squares - I think of the standard ones are Bunsen burners and this one is like the 'super hot and wide 100 flame tip 'can't recall name' burner in chemistry.
The wide multi-flame type produce a wide blanket of blue flame rather than a single large one.
On my oxy-gas torch it is just a powerful gas for a hotter fire.
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Martin H. Eastburn

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