Going scrapping for 400 series stainless... suggestions on best items to look at?

After getting good replys on my previous posts about all stainless
pattern welding, I'm going to buy a few pieces of 1/8" x 2" x 1' 304
grade stainless pieces.
I'm looking for 400 series and the prices for new stock are too high.
If anyone knows a good supplier let me know..
Else I'm going to grab a magnet and head to some scrap yards...
Whats my best bet in looking for 400 series stainless at a scrap yard?
I've heard stainless kitchen sinks?
Thank you,
John Fly
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John Fly
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My stainless sink is 300 series/non-magnetic/austenitic stainless steel.
They'll want money;) for the non-magnetic stuff at the scrap yard because of the Ni content.
The 400 series is easier to find since there's more of it these days. Out at the "shootin'range" (a dirt tank nearby) there's a couple old electric ranges that have 400 series stainless for the cook top. If they'd been 300 series they'd be here waiting to go to the scrap yard. ;) As it is, they're still sittin out there waiting to get shot-to-shit. ;)
Alvin in AZ
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There are other issues with non-magnetic stainless - pain in the xxxx at a scrap yard - the magnet doesn't pick it up. Labor does. Can't go into standard steel pots for sale - taint the batch.
I got to buy my pick if I didn't look to much at it - and get hurt... it was $1.00 a pound for SS. So I got some 400 and some 300.
All you can do is check it out.
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Martin H. Eastburn
Since I'm planning on buying my 300 series the non magnetic SS is going to be easy to get.
I'm amazed in the price difference in the 400 series.
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John Fly
Food service equipment with cutting edges. Most blades used in food service machines are 420 or 430 SS.
If you find some old turbine engines, the blades are high grade SS tool steel. 154-CM (aka ATS-34) was originally used for turbine blades in helicopter engines.
SS rulers are usually 410 SS
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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