Grasshopper Treadle Hammer plans, 2009 edition - on sale over ebay

I have just completed the revisions to the Grasshopper Treadle Hammer
plans. These incorporate all previous changes, which were principally
to the kick-back mechanism (for those of you familiar with the
These new plans come with a slight price increase, the first in a
decade: $27 postpaid (by media mail) in the USA. The website
currently does not reflect the price increase (I'm having some
trouble dealing with the website host.), and the price on the website
will not be honored.
These plans are now being sold via ebay, both domestically and
overseas. You should be able to find them at:
formatting link

formatting link

For those of you who remember the first introduction of the
Grasshopper, the major changes have been in the kick-back mechanism
which provides the return force to raise the ram for the next blow.
(In most treadle hammers, there's no need for such a mechanism because
the springs constantly lift the ram - fighting your leg in the
process. But in the Grasshopper, the ram is weightless - balanced by
the springs throughout its stroke, so an extra spring force, engaging
at the bottom of the stroke only, is needed to return the ram.) In
the original plans, this mechanism used a crank turning a threaded
rod to adjust a bell crank which in turn pressed against the main
spring cables to add the needed spring force. ALL of that is gone
now, a very simple mechanism (chain, pulley, spring, and cable) to
accomplish the same end AND without a separate adjustment. Now, when
you adjust the treadle height to accommodate work of different
heights, the kick-back is automatically adjusted to suit.
I'd be happy to answer any questions. For prompt replies, post over
theForge (which I monitor more than this group) or email me directly
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