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I'm in the process of revising my webpage on treadle hammers other
than the Grasshopper. If you haven't viewed this recently, please do:
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I also want to get through to Paul Morneault or Ralph Sproul about a
photo Ralph posted of Paul's treadle hammer (which I don't fully
understand from the one photo). If anyone has contact info for either
of these fellows, please let me know, off-line.
I would be interested in knowing of other treadle hammers than the
ones listed. I will add to the page (1) completely different designs
or (2) designs which are manufactured for sale or (3) designs which
are available as plans. Photos or drawings essential. Contact me
off-line if you have any such info, or know where I can find it.
In particular, I ran across a photo SOMEWHERE that I cannot now find.
IIRC, it was of a fellow standing in front of a yellow treadle hammer.
If that rings a bell, and you know where I can find the photo, please
let me know, off-line.
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Bruce Freeman
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I went to your site to look at the treadle hammers and was considering sending you a picture of mine and it was already there. You work fast since this has not been out there very long.
Nice web page.
formatting link
formatting link

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Bob Warner

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