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I just picked up a Little Giant 50# hammer. Does anyone know of a method to
attach a motor without drilling holes in the frame ?
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The hammer in my shop (Mayer Bros., just like LG) was designed to be run from an overhead line shaft with flat belting. It has been modified in a non-destructive manner.
There is a piece of 24x30x1/2" plate steel beneath the hammer. Below the plate steel is wood. The plate steel has holes which match the holes in the base of the hammer. The hammer is lag bolted to the wood through the plate steel.
There is a piece of 4x4" square steel tubing welded to the plate right behind the hammer, so it stands up quite a bit higher than the hammer. There is a piece of 5x5" square steel tubing which fits over the top of this vertical piece. On top of that 5x5" cap piece (which is adjustable up/down and also side angle and front/back angle) is welded a motor and pillow block arrangement which holds a driving wheel directly above the hammer's driven wheel. The hammer is still driven by a flat belt.
Grant Erwin Kirkland, Washington
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Grant Erwin
Here's the motor mounting method that was used on the 50# LG that is in my shop:
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(see figure #2) It works just fine, but I have seen many hammers that use existing bolts to hold the motor mounts ---- and this leads making it more difficult to adjust things.
Personally, I WOULD drill the frame if I were going to mount a motor myself. That's how Sid Suedmeier does it when he rebuilds a hammer.
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