Modern Marvels - Knives, Axes & Swords

Interesting show last night on the History Channel. Modern Marvels is the show's name and the particular episode is named "Knives, Axes & Swords". I only got to see the last 1/2 hour but it showed a swordsmith making a Viking sword from iron ore all the way to the finished product. Also showed the steps to making an axe head.

Did a google on it and it looks like they show it about once every six months.

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It is available at the online store

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Robert Then

Yeah, that's an especially good episode. I think I met the swordsmith at an SCA event on the Left Coast one time, he looked very familiar. I don't have the room to set up a bloomery, and the fuel co$t would be a bear, but I wish I could.

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Charly the Bastard

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