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my wife is a blacksmith and we bought her a "strike" hammer from a metal worker who did mostly cold work and specialized in architectural metal work, mostly fabrication. he seemed to think it would be simple to convert the "strike" hammer into a power hammer, with reciprocating hammering. now it will strike once and then reset, so from what ive read its something like a treadle hammer, but with hydraulic power from an air compressor. does anyone out there have any advice, information, or a trail to how we might convert this "strike" hammer into a power hammer? i appreciate any feedback thanks ronan peterson

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Since you say "hydraulic power from an air compressor, I am going to assume that you mean "air power to an air cylinder that looks like a hydraulic cylinder". If so, then you will probably have valving issues to deal with. Google "ron kinyon" or start with this site to see what you will need:

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You should find plenty of resources from there.

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