5C snap handle for fadal rotary....

Awl --
Got one, from http://www.jfkprecisionproducts.com/leverclosers.htm
and it works OK -- the picture you see there is about what I've got, with a
longish nose on the rotary.
Just a cupla Q's:
Yer typical lathe snap handle has this little click lever in the big collar that keeps the desired snap tightness locked in, ie, keeps the draw tube from spinning off the collet.
This closer doesn't have that, but instead has a little black knob that keeps the handle from being snapped forward (ie, the collet loosened), with the knob rotated in the correct orientation. I guess for a rotary axis, the very low rpm doesn't justify formal locking?
JFK says that this also keeps the collar/collet from loosening, but I don't think this is correct. AND, that black knob isn't detented either, so it could turn out of position, as well.
I've never used this black knob, the thing functions pretty well, just curious about what appears to be a little design carelessness, even with the low rpm.

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