Bridgeport Boss CNC Retrofit - best source for complete control cabinet?

I am going to retrofit a Bridgeport series 1 Boss machine with a new
PC based controller. I don't want to bother building up the control
cabinet - would rather find a good supplier who can provide a complete
control cabinet including Power Supply, Drives, PC interface, etc.
Any recommendations?
Scott Kelley
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Scott Kelley
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Ummm... OK Anybody have any thoughts along the lines of the question that I posed?
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Scott Kelley
You said PC based controller, which one?
There are thousands of suppliers & your request is too generic for anyone to make a specific informed recommendation.
What exactly are you looking for?
Existing Plug and play, hobby, professional, stepper, servo, what size?
Your design, BOM & Parts assembled to your specs or someone to design and assemble package for you?
If you are putting together a one off then buying an existing retrofit package "bolt on*" package for a Bridgeport may be the cost effective way to go.
Loose description
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