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I am working on a device that incorporates a hinge with 2 static positions. When the hinge is opened there is resistance to movement up to an apex point whereup the hinge accelerates itself to its second position to rest.

I have designed A hub utilising opposing cams arranges concentrically around the hubs axis which push against each other aided by a spring .One of the cams having relief space to slide in and out of engagements with the two resting points.

Rotary travel 90-180 degrees (although nice if I could modify)

Hopefully I have described this clearly enough...can you tell me (if you know what I am talking about)if you have seen any hubs like this available that I could buy and incorporate so I dont have to make it.

for this unit I am looking for an outside diameter of approx 6mm total length of 10mm max (1/4"by 2/5") Will fit inside two cuffs that are the same diameter on the same axis of rotation and these rotate against each othe with the 2 position hub hinge connecting them together

What is the usual name for this kind of hub/hinge?

Is there anything else available that can provide the same function?

Thanks for your help


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A number of two position hinges exist off the shelf. Southco is one source. Laptop hinges are friction hinges, that are also available in multiposition. Do a search for friction hinges, multiposition hinges.


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