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As some of you may know, I put most of my own little business (designing and building machine tools and gauges) on the shelf, last winter, and got myself an honest job. I was tired of beating my head against a wall for customers I didn't understand and couldn't respect. I have a step-daughter starting college in the fall, which is expensive. And the company my wife worked for was turning sour, and she was ready to take some time off.

So, I found an uncommonly good company, went to work; and I'm having a ball. And, the company is looking for lots of good people. It's a modest size (roughly 40 people) company, owner operated, which uses Mazak and Star machines for small medical parts, high-performance auto parts, and some electronics stuff. We even ship some of our production to China!

If you're in or near the Philadelphia area (try zip code 19073 on mapquest.com), or would be interested in locating here, then you might want to give this some thought. The company needs:

Skilled, experienced people for Star CNC swiss type machines (SR-16, SR-20, SV-20, or SV-32).

Skilled, experienced people for Mazak turning, milling and multiplex machines (10MS, 18MSY, 6200Y Multiplex, VQC-1540, and VariAxis 500)

Careful, competent, detail oriented operators for all of the above - especially people with the drive and desire to become more than just operators, in time.

The company offers competitive wages, excellent benefits, and an awesome work environment. In all my 35 years in this business, I've seldom been in a shop so well maintained, well mananged, and so committed to finding ways for good people to grow, excel, and have fun. Seriously, this is an outstanding place to work. I consider myself lucky to be there every single day.

The reason we're looking for people is simple: The company is growing like mad, and needs to grow and expand even faster. Lots of overtime, a three shift operation, room to learn and advance, and more, make this really, truly, a special kind of place. And it looks to me like it's just going to keep getting better.

Take a look at

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for more information. If you're interested, call

610-356-6148 and ask for Randy Lawrence. Tell him I gave you his name. Or, if you'd like more details before you call the company, drop me a note. I'll be happy to answer any questions I can.

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Kirk Gordon
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Kirk, Tell me it ain't so! I never realized you were that close to the edge. I've been there more than once myself, so I know (and my wife too) what that is like. You are right, some times it does feel good to be able to just go home.

A lot of people think that former company owners like us would be terrible employees. I think we make the best. We are completely aware of what it costs to do business, and bend over while walking across the shop to pick up an insert, even if we have to reach past the quarter lying there.

Best of luck,

Gary H. Lucas

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Gary H. Lucas


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Thanks, Gary; but don't feel sorry for me. I was never really cut out to be a business person in the first place - even though I've been self-employed, one way or another, for more than half of my adult life. I'm a shop rat, through and through, and I like myself that way. When I've chosen to run my own show, it was only because I thought that was the best way to get my hands on some work that I wanted. When somebody else has a better job, or something more fun than what I can find for myself, then I'll wear the company uniform without a second thought.

What matters to me is my work, not who owns the stock in the company. I don't really care whether a product has my name on it, or just my fingerprints, as long as it's work I love doing, and that I know I've done well.

So, when my non-business-oriented brain started having a hard time finding work that I cared about, I went someplace where they already had lots of good work, and I just had to do it. I'm working harder than before, just because there so much more to do. I'm enjoying every minute of it

- and I'm as proud and committed as ever.

As far as being "close to the edge", I'm not. I decided not to go there. During Gordon Engineering's 10 year lifetime, I worked as hard as I wanted, on things I really cared about doing, and never let myself get to the point where I was losing money, or sleep, or my sanity. I never failed to finish a project I'd committed to. Never left a bill unpaid. Never even paid a bill late, except when I'd occasionally forget something, or lose it for a few days in my briefcase. But even that was rare. I quit while I was ahead, and I find that I'm still ahead.

I'm doing what I love. I'm doing more of it - getting more real honest work accomplished every single day - than I'd done in over a year. I'm paid well. And I like looking forward to every new workday.

Who could ask for more?


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Kirk Gordon

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for more than half of

way. When I've chosen

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even paid a bill

in my briefcase. But

work accomplished every

forward to every new

I almost want to sell my shop and get a real job.


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I was just thinking the same thing. :)

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Dave Lyon

I had a real nice contract going and then the suckers in congress spent all the money on a crappy town in La. and greatly downsized the project.


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