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    Including the truth. Liberals seem to be unable to grasp that little detail. That under duress, people will say anything - even the truth.

    It is a skill, and one which can be learned/taught. "Its a job".     Years ago, I was involved with an odd bunch of folks, and the proposal was for "Scariest dungeon". I included a "101 days without a serious on-the-job injury" sign, the "World's best Daddy" coffee cup, a signup sheet for the baseball team, and the box of fund raiser chocolates for the local middle school.

    Data is just data until it is verified. Then it becomes information.

    The information can be valuable.
    I'm opposed to torture not so much because of what it does to the tortured, but what it does to the torturer. Like "battle fatigue" - he needs to get away and get in touch with the higher things. Or we'll use him up and damage him as well. That is not a good thing, IMHO.

    I'll bet. Like I said, people will say anything - even the truth. And people can come up with a "Let's get our stories straight", but what trips them up is the details. Shirt color?
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