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I need to grow,and get a new vert mach centre.down to Hass Super Mini Mil l2, Hass VF1 or Akira Sekie SR2,all around $45k,leaning toward SR2 ,mainly because it has similar controler to what I have Mits,but also I got my other Vert CNC from same dealer 15yrs ago.

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No YCI? FAdal? Sharpe? Mighty? Hurco?

I don't know anything about the Hurco, except old KMB1s, but the tech really raves about the new Hurcos -- yeah, I know, no surprise, but he's a straight-shooting guy.

If I am so blessed to get another machine, I would look hard at the Hurco, cuz in my case, the tech lives about 3 mi away. :)

When I was looking at the miniMill, and their lathe, it was just amazing how the effing price ballooned, when "properly" configured. goodgawd.... AND, the footprint is not that much smaller than a Fadal 3016, at least not a while ago.

Does Haas still charge by the individual g-code? Package specials?? Are they still able to shut off the machine remotely?? goodgawd....

But, if you like your dealer, he's been straight with you, that's a good part of the decision right there, imo.

I don't recall anyone ever mentioning the Akira here.

What machine/model do you have now, what's good/not so good about it?

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Didn't think about hurco,I'll look into it be fore I finalize,not that jazzed about Fadal, YCI's smallest won't fit in available space,I have a mighty comet and I have had zero issuses,local dealer no longer carries them.they handle the Akiras.

Hass no longer seem to charge by g code,but it seems if they finance it you've got about 200 hrs to establish a "good payment record" before they completely unlock it The offer they gave me is about 42k including shipping/setup and a handfull of tool holders,10k spindle on the SMM2

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