ProComm & USB/Serial

We currently use Windows98 with Procomm ver4.8 to transfer part
programs to/from (4)CNC machines. We want to upgrade to WindowsXP, add
a USB to(4)port serial adapter so we can attached permanent RS-232
cables to each of the CNCs, and continue using ProComm for transferring
Has anyone successfully used a USB to Serial adapter (for more than one
port) with Procomm for CNC application? We are looking at a product(PN:
USA-49WLC) from Keyspan.
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I don't use procomm but have had lots of luck with the usb to serial adaptors for programming PLC's
If I remember correctly procomm is just a serial port comm program, right? You shouldn't see any problems.
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Douglas Adams
to use USB, procomm should be Windows version. windows os can detect USB device. and to connect to machines, the standard serial cable is needed. if you do not connect USB cable to standard serial cable, it make some problems in up/downloading between PC and CNC machines.
current Fanuc cnc is 16/18/21-iB or 30iA, so use the ethernet communication. it is better.
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