Survey: Do You Like Work That is Safe, or Risky?

To All:
This is for shop owners AND employees. Do you like to do work that is
boring but safe, or do you like to do work that is trick but risky?
And why?
[ ] Safe Work
[ ] Risky Work
[ ] Other
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o work that is
you really should better define safe vs risky; if you are taking health wise, what do you mean as the consequences ? a cut finger, amputation or death ? or financially, a company risks making or losing a bit of money or going completely under vs assured financial stability for years to come.
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I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be ambiguous. I'm not talking about physical risk, but "doability" risk. Which would entail financial loss for the company if the part couldn't be made within the quote. I hope that's a little more clear.
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I only do the boring work, that pays, so I can spend my time and creative energy on the interesting stuff.
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Karl Townsend
[x] Challenging
I tend to get bored rather easily and when I get bored I'm off my game. It's important for me to work for companies who do challenging type work. In fact, after the horrible experience at my last of job building stinking optical tooling (the equivalent of shiny washer molds at best) for a entire year, it's a prerequisite.
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Black Dragon
I like to take the risky/challenging work, and implement processes that turn it into safe/boring work. That, (and getting paid) are the two most enjoyable parts of my business related life.
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30 days net
No prob--so long as you buy the materials and write me a check I'll get started right away...
Boring pays the bills, and beings as semi-skilled labor is relatively cheap...
The risky / complicated stuff I still enjoy and when it does come in I usually will do most of the actual work by myself.
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Jeffrey Lebowski
We have a winner. ;>)
Jon Banquer San Diego, CA
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