Tapping with oil

Years ago we picked up a barrel of a very heavy oil - the label said "Cold
Forming Fluid" - at an auction. I don't have any idication of the
manufacturer, butu it was great for tapping; the oil was so heavy that you
could dab it on with a brush and not have to worry about the coolant lines
blasting it off.
Anyway, that old barrel is about depleted and I'm looking for other ideas. I
know that a few old-timers still like tapping with oil, and we find that it
does seem to work better, at least in stainless. I just wondered what some
of you were using.
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Tom Accuosti
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Old Guys??!! Have you looked in the mirror lately?;-)
Just think, if you used some good high octane cutting oil in your machines, instead of toilet water, you wouldn't even be asking this question:-)
I love the smell of sulfur and chlorine in the morning!
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Matt Stawicki
I never found anything better than EasyFomy. We tried a lot on different oils and fluids and one of the tap manufacturers told us to use this after we complained about short lives of their taps. Jerry
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Yep, nothing better when it's frying just a little.
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We use "Tap heavy" by Trim when we have an application like you describe.
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Alex Charles

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