Used Omniturn?

Awl --

I'm going to be looking at a used omniturn this week, with a 1 5/8 bore (!!), with a bar feeder, for about $14K, that I may go halves on, with someone -- who I dread going halvsies with, but dats another story.... No financing. From Richland, in LI, NY.

I don't know anything about the machine, just curious, in general, as to the wisdom of buying used stuff, used omniturns in particular. But a 1 5/8 bore seems perty hefty, for a small-ish machine.

I'd also consider going new, in part for the financing. But iirc, new top-of-the-line omni's can be like $50K -- would going to a low-end Daewoo or sumpn be better than a high-end omni? Kinda like a pimped-out Corolla -- might be better off with a basic Camry.....

Any fundamental limitations on an omni? I know they are 2-axis, gang, pretty popular, just not sure of the drawbacks. Don't recall anyone on amc actually having one.


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You might be wise to see how hard it is to get a used unit fixed in your area.

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1 5/8" spindle, quite possibly a retrofitted 16c Hardinge flatbed.

I'm quite amazed the price these things seem to make in the US, here (UK) they would generally struggle to command a quarter of that.

I am partial to Hardinge flatbeds though !


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Another though is how sure are you of getting enough work to make it pay off? If it works well enough, a good used machine can start you off and generate enough cash flow to make replacing it with a new one easy.

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I've got one, but am hardly an expert on CNC lathe work. It has it's limitations. Can't turn anything with a radius exceeding tool center height, any longer than your longest tool holder. No tailstock when retrofitted to a Chucker, though I've seen on the Omni site, some clever shop made tailstock devices that mount off the threading attachment pads on the back of a chucker's headstock.

I can say, outside of the Bridgeport that got me started, my Omniturn is hands down the best purchase I've ever made in the shop. If what you want to make is a good match for the machine, it'll make ya smile.


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