Who's using it? I've looked at the web site, and they've got quite a few things to choose from. I would ask them for info, but I much prefer the inputs of users over unknown salespeople. I see it's a "buy the base package and optionalize with extras" type of thing, but pricing isn't shown anywhere. I wonder things like how does the Mold and Die package stack up against the base software with Auto Diff and Model Export added on? How much more do they charge for this package that has features I'm not sure I want? I know I want to do things like create a virtual machine for each of our machines, create the tools we use, verify g-code output by our post for a control not listed on the Vericut website (Milltronics) by running it on the cad data I've programmed to so I can see gouges and excess material conditions, and I want to export cad files created from g-code. I see all these things available, but which way will give me the most economical request to drop in my boss's lap?



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Charlie Gary
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there's metacut verification as well- maybe worth a look

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Charlie, Hang onto your shorts when you ask for a price. Approximatly $10,000 for what you are asking for, the last time I checked a couple of yrs ago. I have the basic package that comes with Pro Manufacturing it is nice for showing gouges and excess material. the optimization is an add on. again not sure how much it will cost you.

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Joe Smith

Thanks for the answers. I'll check out the other options and see what's out there.

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Charlie Gary

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