Who sells good C-bore'r

for CNC,
preferably metric
don't need or want a pilot
should be premium Cobalt HSS or Carbide
does everyone still use piloted type?
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Give these folks a try:
formatting link
Best, Steve
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For the CNC, I just use an endmill and interpolate it. I can't see using a non-piloted cbore tool, your just asking for it to walk and break..
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I also use the end mill method most of the time. I do still use piloted c'bores because I have them. It is a pain to get depth correct. I set tool length on a flute then always need to retract extra high to clear the pilot.
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Like most here, I usually interpolate 'em. Except for real deep ones, such as what I had to do today. A 1/4" SHCS C'bore, 7.375 deep... Ugh... For those, I just use a flat bottom drill, pre-drilled with a standard carbide drill.
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Steve Mackay
For deep holes I drill then use an endmill plunge to depth.
Otherwise spiral down using circular interp with Z ramp angle of appx 1/10 cutter diameter.

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