Why planetary gear motors are so popular?

Planetary gear motor is a DC Motor with a planetary gearbox or gearhea
d. The gearbox design is a planetary design, the gears working style is lik
e the planetary running. It has sun gear, planetary gears and ring gear.
The biggest advantage for planetary design is the planetary gear motor can
bear more torque than the spur gearbox design with same dimension.
speed is from 0.1rpm to 2000rpm. All these motors are Brushed DC motor; if
need we can also mounted Brushless DC motors.
ZHAOWEI specialized in precise injection components and precise transmi
ssion system with the quality certification ISO9001, TS 16949 and has been
awarded with ?State High-Tech Enterprise? in 2013. The comp
any pay more attention on R & D and got more than 40 patents. 4G antenna E-
tilt mechanism, Smart Home Device, Intelligent robot drive module self-deve
loped reached the international technical level. ZHAOWEI has established th
e long term Strategy partnership with HUAWEI, BOSCH, etc. New Plant project
has been started in Huizhou City that will helpful to foster ZHAOWEI busin
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