How to choose the most suitable brushless DC motor?

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If the application requires high speed, quiet operation, low EMI and lo
ng life, then the DC brushless motor (BLDC) may be something you are lookin
g for. And speed is one of the advantages of Brushless motor technology. Hi
gher speed can be achieved because no mechanical constraints are imposed on
the brush and commutator. Another advantage is the elimination of current
arc erosion problems solution as well as the general experience of brush mo
tor. The brushless DC motor also has a higher efficiency and produces a low
er EMI (electromagnetic interference), which is excellent for RF (radio fre
quency) applications. Because of the windings on the stator, they also have
good thermal properties. The stator is connected to the case and thus the
heat dissipation efficiency is higher. Therefore, the maintenance of brushl
ess motor is almost non-existent
Unfortunately, the construction cost is higher, so that many applicatio
ns of the technology of Brushless DC motor cannot be realized. You can easi
ly spend two times as much as a brushless system, and lose a simple brush m
otor. Don't forget to save space for control and drive electronics. If you
don't have to be integrated in the motor, you'll need to install it in a ce
rtain place. Please keep in mind that the motor cannot be installed too far
from the drive, because the long cable runs often introduce noise into the
system. In order to compensate, the phase conductors can be twisted and sh
ielded from the sensitive feedback to reduce the noise. As a brush motor, b
rushless DC motor must overcome the friction start. Again, this is not dete
rmined by the sum of the speed of the torque loss. Dynamic friction is depe
ndent on speed. In fact, the dynamic friction torque is the only defined to
rque loss rate without brush DC ratio. Function of speed, dynamic friction
is due to the viscous friction of the bearing, as well as the magnetic fiel
d generated by the eddy current in the stator.
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