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This is Vibhuti...well I am doing B.Tech in Instrumentation and I am
in the final year...I have been recruited by an EPCM company(Fluor)
and I want you to tell me something regarding EPCM and abt the
reputation of FLUOR in this category.
Vibhuti Bhardwaj
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As far as I know, EPCM stands for "Engineer, Procure, Construct, ans Manage". The basic thrust of the projects involved varies widely, and the disciplines needed for any one are numerous. An example company is
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If Fluor has a web site, read it thoroughly.
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Jerry Avins
I'd also do a web search for Fluor, in case there are any interesting lawsuits pending...
It sounds like the kind of organization that will hire you and train you up. Even if they're the pits to work for you'll get that always-necessary few years of experience that you'll need to move on to the next job.
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Tim Wescott

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