Doing a Dan, well sort of :-))

I'm or should that be have run out of storage space so I am going to build a
shed from what I have about me but first I need to clear a patch of ground
at the back of my garage so today I have been gardening with a chain saw
(electric) and a shredder and boy does it feel good, its very stress
relieving. One tree like bush gone and half of another left. I've even found
a steerable trolley I forgot was there in amongst it all so a good day had.
Martin p
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We hired in a BIG shredder in August. Being combatant members of a Viking re-enactment society, we are natural risk takers, but you didn't have to explain it to a single one of us. There was no instance of hands in the hopper mouth & there was much pushing of sticks with other sticks!
It was a sobering sight to shove in a 8" birch tree & watch it come flying out of the pipe in a shower of chippings, vanishing within a few seconds. Very scarey - and we've booked it again for next year. ;o))
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my shredder is a lowly second hand one given to me by a friend who couldn't get it to work properly, sharpening the blades made all the difference and it will happily chew anything into bits up to 1.5 in.
Martin P
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In message , kimsiddorn writes
ISTR seeing one demonstrated at a Weeting rally several years ago. IIRC the thing was driven by a large V12 turbocharged diesel engine. The machine which I saw ate a similar tree in much the same time.
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Andrew Marshall

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