painting trolley.

This cold weather is putting me behind, trying to paint is near impossible,
I don't have the space for me and trolley in workshop (garage) its either
one or other so doing it outside. This means paint has taken on viscosity of
tar and is very difficult to spread :-(( Taken to sorting taps, dies and
drills into some sort of order. My vice is away for grinding mods so cant
make bits in mill, I think I will go and have a sulk instead :-))
Met a sometime Lurker the other day, Ian Ruston, I bought a trolley off of
him. Like the rest of you he is not a bad sort :-)) Good day Ian.
Martin P
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The best place to paint at this time of year is in the house....;-) Sadly for me that means decorating!
Regards Dan
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Dan Howden
Do you want to read in the obituraries that Martin Perman was found dead with a paint brush inserted where the sun don't shine :-))
Martin P
Dan Howden wrote:
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You'll get reported to your ISP for swearing!! :-))
Peter -- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Luton, UK
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Prepair Ltd
I was intending to trundle over to Welsh Wales today in order to collect the Enfield powered Kerrison predictor generator that I had I purchased - but not collected - last December. Pity that Mr Volvo had other ideas. The cambox gasket blew out at the back and it was emptying the sump in 100 miles. Very frustrating. Now being ministered to by my mechanition.
Anyway, in expectation of the trip, last Thursday I dug out the ex-WW2 bomb trolley upon which the generator will live with the intention of painting same. It was sunny but bitterly cold. I found the grey paint I had in mind and gave it a thorough stir, standing it in a bowl of near boiling water the while. After about ten minutes, I took it outside and painted the trailer. It was virtually dry before dark and completely dry the next morning. Gloss paint, too - although I'd have been happy enough for it to have bloomed this time!
An old tip of me dad's - hot paint dries better!
Kim Siddorn.
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Kim Siddorn

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