10 year old petrol

A friend, (John Southall for those that know him) has hauled his old Ruston
out of the shed after sitting there for 10 years with the idea of getting it
running and taking it to he odd Rally.
Problem is, when he laid it up it had a full tank of fuel (what is he?) and,
as you can imagine it is now thick black tar, so thick that it has clogged
the tank, drain cock tap and pipe with this seemingly unmovable almost solid
Logic says use a solvent of some sort and commercial cellulose thinners
spring to mind but had anyone had the problem before? how did you overcome
I would appreciate your thoughts
Thanks in advance.
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Pete Aldous
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How are you, get him to tap the contents of his pipe in there and then repaint it :-))
Martin P
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Not bad thanks apart from being forced out of work by the bean counters but maybe I will have some time to update the web site.
I will pass on your comments as, yes, the old pipe still gets stoked up regularly.
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Pete Aldous
Well as the gunk was orginally in petrol pour some fresh in an wait? Sloshing it about occasionally. I'm assuming that this isn't a solid tank full of muck, just a residue.
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Dave Liquorice
Thanks Dave, I will ask him tomorrow how bad it is, and go from there.
Cheers >
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Pete Aldous
I would go with your suggestion cellulose thinners, petrol doesn't tend to dissolve it's own residue, we used to use cellulose thinners when cleaning carbs - when cars still had carbs. Be warned though, cheap ("Gun-wash") thinners contains a lot of water and can thus cause other issues if left to long, the best thinners (actually used for thinning paint) is far better but costs...
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Thanks Jerry,
I went and looked today, 24hrs of soaking in fresh petrol had shifted some so he is going to leave it for week and if it has still not shifted it all, go down the thinners route.
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Pete Aldous
I'd have a go at boiling the small bits in an old pan and steam cleaning the tank.
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Charles Hamilton
Acetone. I've used it before in this context & it works well.
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Kim, Charles,
Thanks for the info, I will pass it on and see what works.
Pete Aldous
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Pete Aldous

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