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So much useful info on here I thought I would throw another at you :)

When applying a wash to a model (I use citadel ink with extra water to lighten the tone) how can I avoid water-marks when the wash dries?


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Good question! I usually end up doing some light sanding or touch-up painting to get rid of them. No avoiding them for me!

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Mike (ODO)

I have always found that to be the big "buggaboo" when using inks and/or acrylics for washes. That is whay I have long preferred using oils. They dry "softer" and will rarely have that "water-mark" effect.

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Greg Heilers

Will an oil wash like that work over Future or should it be a flat coat?

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T. Forward

Have you tried adding a drop or two of dishwashing liquid to the blend..? This will reduce the surface tension of the water and that means less droplet formation.


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Tony, Try a thin mix of future& acrylic paint.Play with the mix til you're happy, but start thin. You can use any color you like. I use Acryl raw umber for a dingy look. Over a gloss future finish, apply the mix with a small brush just to the panel lines.Just let it dry. Works great in the cockpit too. Try it on something old first. Hope this helps, Dave Pepper

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Dave Pepper

what about using distilled water. that may have some of the nasties in the water removed that leave a ring.......


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No good to our Pommie friends, then....


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Rob Grinberg

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