21-year old BAR

Well, its been about 4 years since I last posted to RMR. I was on "hiatus" but after helping a 10 year old launch an Estes RTF model the past weekend...well the thrill was all too much :)

Anyway, looking for a NAR chapter in or around Northern Delaware with the capabilities to do HPR launches in due time (I have a Spring Break coming up when I plan on buying my HPR L1 model to start building)

If anyone knows of anything in the area, please drop me a line here or at Benja0901 _at_ mac _dot_ com

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Benjamin Chapman
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Its the website for the Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association. I recently joined, and have a blast at their launches. There is a field in Delaware that we fly at, as well as a couple just west of Delaware in Maryland. Both fields should be fairly close to you. If you need more info E-mail Neil McGilvery, you can find a link to him on the website.

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