Any suggestion for B.E/B.Tech Projects in Mechanical and Automation

Hi everyone,
I am new to this group, I am currently pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical &
Automation and need to build a project for my final year. Regarding
that I need some suggestions. I am personally interested in automobile
My idea is to do stress analysis for a motorbike rim, is it worth it ,
I need some guidence please help me out.
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Deepak Rajput
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What is the requirement for your project?
If it's just to do some type of engineering analysis, then your motorbike rim suggestion is probably a good one because it's reasonably sophisticated and there's plenty of data available to benchmark your results. If the requirement is to do something novel, it's a bad choice because lots of people have done it already and there isn't really any unsolved engineering problem there.
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Tom Sanderson
Thanks Tom for your views, I still have some time to finalize my project If I cant find any alternative then I will stick to the stress analysis but If you have any Ideas in mind which can be transformed into some sort of project please do share.
Also I would like to seek your advice regarding the approach to the stress analysis of rim which I should take up. I mean should it be based on experimental testing, computer simulation or combination or ....
Please any info would be greatly appreciated.
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