How to overwrite some registers on a DSP

Hi all,

Because of using a different kind of pulspattern to control a three-phase inductor mashine, i implemented an own puls-generation-model.

The first try was to use the digital output pins of the dSPACE DS1103-board, that means, that everytime a timevalue matches a timeramp, the pins are set high or low. Using the dSPACE control desk, i recognized, that the turnaround time is much too high (ca. 20 micoseconds). :-(

The DS1103-Board works with a TMS320F240 DSP from Texas Instruments and provides therewith a puls creation module, which sets high/low if a match of a compareregister and a timerregister occurs. This could be executed in some nanoseconds. :-)

Now my question: Can anyone tell me, how i could overwrite the compare registers from within my model? How can i manipulate the hardware? Shall i implement a completely new usercode (imitating the dSPACE blocksets), or manipulate the existing software (however)?

Thanks a lot !

-- Enrico Schulz Student of Chemnitz University of Technology Electric mashines and drives

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Enrico Schulz
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I am not familiar with the dSPACE system hardware. This is certainly something that you could do if you were writing software directly for the TMS320F240 -- but I don't know how difficult that is to do for the dSPACE board, or if you can keep some of your blocks and not others.

If you don't get an answer here you might try posting this question to comp.dsp, or doing a thorough web search for articles on your board.

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Tim Wescott

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