Linux & International Space Station

Anybody seen the article, page 86 in the Linux Journal on using Linux,
and embedded linux for all sorts of monitoring and controls of
equipment and processes on the International Space Station? All sorts
of things including 24 bit A/D converters, optics and real-time needs.
Here' a quote near the end of the article: " Linux nowadays is a
common tool for space-related projects, whereas several year ago,
proprietary systems, such as VRTX, QNX or VXWorks, where leading. In
addition, this past year even led to FlightLinux, as standard Linux
distribution adapted to spacecraft environments. Opensource software
is of crucial importance for these kinds of projects, and our
experience with Linux has proven that it has a great future in space."
These aforementioned RTOS, VRTX, QNX or VXWorks, are found on many
proprietary PLCs and controllers.
Very Cool article!
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Hi, James! I haven't read the article but AFAIK, the ISS uses Sun Solaris (ie. UNIX) on the crew laptops and if they even _use_ Linux anywhere else (extremely doubtful) it's not the Linux that you know and love. If you doubt me, get a hold of a copy of NASA document TD9702 (aka "The ISS Bible") and read it for yourself.
Well that bit is propaganda anyway... VxWorks is currently the most commonly used on space hardware - FlightLinux is near to dead-in-the-water as far as the people whose job it is to program real hardware are concerned, but maybe one day it will catch on.
For further reading, try this thread on news://
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Have a good day!!
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