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I have the response of a system (magnitude & phase) for a few frequencies (50 values). I need to recover the transfer function of this system. I tried the Nevanlinna-Picks interpolation, but it gives me a very high order (4 times the number of samples I have) and I have some ripples between the points. Does anyone knows any other method to do that kind of operation.

Thank you Alexandre

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Alex Boyer
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Hi, I am interested in this because I am porting the NASA SOCIT program to Octave. If you send me the data I can do a "System Identification" on it. Do you have any idea about the "real" system order? I hope to Alpha test it fairly soon; if the OpenChannel people will get back to me.


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Raymond Rogers

guys, did the data (i.e. the 50 frequency domain points) come from a discrete-time or continuous-time system?

have u applied tried some order reduction technique to reduce the order of the system (for example using the balanced truncation method)?... that might help...



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Hendra Ishwara Nurdin

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