Re: I don't know the future of a Ph.D in control system

I am a first year Ph.d. student in EE. What I am doing now is to
> design a optimal control system for Adaptive Optics, which is to
> increase the image resolution of astronomy telescope. The theory for
> Adaptive Optics is to adjust the deformable mirror to reduce the
> impact of atmosphere turbulence.
> I am not so interested in this project and I don't know what kind of
> job I can get when I graduate. All I am doing now is the theoreotic
> stuff, which seems boring to me. The EE graduate program in my school > is very poor.
> I don't know if it's wise to quit the Ph.D. program and try to get a > job in industry.
If it doesn't excite you, I suggest that quitting it is probably a
Good Idea (TM)... but not before you figure out what you REALLY want
to do.
Peter K.
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Peter J. Kootsookos
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Agreed. A PhD is just too much hard work to be doing if you're not interested. Go out, get a job, find out what you like doing. If you're going to be finding that out, you might as well get paid for it.
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Jason Turner
I came from China. If I quit the ph.d. program here, I think I will go back to China to find a job since the job market is so poor in America. But till now, I have no idea what I wanna really do. I worked as a technical support for a telecomm company. What I was doing there is to introduce our product to the telecomm service company. This job is not so exciting to me.
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may i know which univ is ur that i can avoid it..i am applying for phd there in is education in u find is worth doing..... junu
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Let me tell you about the American education system -- It ranges from the absolute best to the absolute worst. You have to do a bit of research to find which are the good ones.
And now a plug for Canada -- the universities are all good (but usually not the 'absolute best') at 1/3 the price and you're a lot less likely to get mugged in the street at night. Also, you are a lot more likely to get into the country. US likes us to come for the sun and the beach, but they don't like it if we are already tanned when we arrive. They make us sit in the cooler until we get pale. ;-)
P.S. No offence, but you write like a schoolboy talking to his friends. People will not take you seriously. Try this, "May I know which university you are in so that I can avoid it. I am applying for a PhD there in the US. How is education in the US? Do you find it is worth doing?"
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Walter Driedger
Thanks Walter, May i know what are the requirements for Canadian universities?Is the GRE,TOEFL must for those students who have done their previous education in the country where the english is the official language? What about fellowships,scholarships,grants in canadian uiversities? i would be very much obliged to you if you kindly answer my queries. thanking you junu
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There are even a few good engineering schools in the US, then of course, there are a few great ones too.
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Herman Family
Nah, you don't want to go to the US.. Everybody does that. ;-)
Why not come Down Under?? Sunny beaches, kangaroos..
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Cameron Dorrough
but is the australian degree world renowned..what about fellowships there.. and good schools thanks to all
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Sorry, I couldn't tell you - but I was only half joking. To see what's on offer, start here:
formatting link
I would recommend UQ, JCU or ANU (for the sun & beaches) for starters, but Adelaide Uni has a Petroleum Engineering course on offer which sounds interesting.
World-renowned? Of course!! Hey, you've heard of us, haven't you? And you won't find a bad school here - not if you stick with the biggies anyway - there aren't that many to choose from... ;-)
Happy hunting, Cameron:-)
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Cameron Dorrough

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