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Hi, Could anybody advise how to perform voltage level shifting. We have got two encoder channels: A and B coming from two Hall Sensors. Unfortunetely, the system (Advantech board) can only recognise one of these channels since the voltage levels are different.

Encoders channel A (readable): Low: ~0.07V High: ~4.9V


Encoders channel B (nonreadable): Low: ~1.66V High: ~4.9V

In order to make channel B readable for the system, I need to reduce the voltage low level to

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Feed the signal through a comparator with a suitable threshold and standard TTL-level output.

Feed _both_ signals through identical comparators do avoid differential delay at high rates.

Use CMOS buffers -- inverting or not -- instead of comparators.

Repair Channel B. It is defective.


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Jerry Avins

Hi, Daniel. Channel B is very likely defective, as mentioned in another post. That means replacing the encoder or the hall effect sensor. However..

In order to be sure, you should do some checking. Most hall effect sensors have open collector outputs. That will mean a logic level low (

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Thanks Jerry and Chris. I will try my best to solve the problem based on your suggestions. As soon as I have got new results, I will give u an update. Thanks again and best wishes Daniel

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Hi Jerry and Chris, Finally, the supplier of the encoder confirmed that the Hall Sensor (channel B) is defect. Thanks again Daniel

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