smithy 1239 operating manual or questions

I have a shop smithy 1239 that I traded for and I am being asked to thread a rifle bbl on it. I didnt get any paperwork with it so I am confused if its possible to cut threads with it. what little I can find on it looks like it can but I cant figure out how you decide where to start the thread. I have cut threads before on other machines and they all had that dial that had the 1-2-3-4 position on it to show where to start your thread. I always used the same number although I was told you could start on the opposit nuber also....any info would be appreciated.


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You can call smithy and tell them what you have and they should help with any questions you may have, go to

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for a 800 number to call.

I have a smithy 1224 machine and the way you cut threads on it is...there is a chart to go by to setup the gears in the gearbox. When you start cutting threads you engage the feed and leave it engaged until you have the thread cut and finished. Let me explain, leave the feed engaged and when you are at or near the end of the cut turn the machine off and reverse the motor (but leave the feed engaged), when the tool is clear from the workpiece turn off the motor and make it feed forward. Do this until the treads are cut.

Hopes this helps!


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