Self-tapping screws??

Forgive my ignorance on this subject, but..
I looked at a trailer today that had plywood screwed to steel. When I asked
the guy, how the plywood was attached, he said "Screws. They probably used
those self-tapping ones."
What kind of screws would he have been talking about? Can you get them from
Home Depot? What does the screw have to be made off to screw through 1/8"
Thanks for any help!
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On that crazy, crazy day of Mon, 09 Aug 2004 02:58:33 GMT, "John" decided it was then ok to say :
Yeah, they work well. THe screw tip is formed sort of like a drill bit . Its hardened so it can dig out the steel as it spins around. You can drive them in with the proper tip in a drill. Just slow down as the screw nears the surface so you dont either spin it out or break the head off
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