stick welding aluminum

I built a homemade AC/DC welder. I used some big 400 amp 250 volt
diodes for the full wave bridge to get the DC.
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It welds with a 1/16 to 5/32 rod fine and does stainless great too
I heard that there was plans someplace that you could use an arc to
get the HF necessary to weld aluminum with.
I am not sure of this is before the transformer, after the transformer
and before the diodes or after the diodes and in the welding leads.
Is there somebody here that could explain how that is built or guide
me to the plans?
thanks a bunch in advance.
Please reply to the group and send a copy to rbodell AT tampabay DOT
rr DOT com so I am sure to get it. I don't want to miss this.
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Robert Bodell
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That's pretty cool. You're junk seems to come in handy, my wife doesn't seem to understand that. Sorry, I can't help about your question.
I just bought a ReadyWelder
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, it's a mig gun that runs off of one, two, or three 12v deep cycle batteries. It's pretty cool, and I can weld just about anything with it. I was thinking of making some switches to change from 12 to 24 to 36 volts instead of changing cable connections. I'm also looking for a deep cycle 6v battery so I can fine tune things a bit.
Good luck with your project!
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