Do I have 208 or 240 volts in my apartment?

I just had a new circuit installed for a dryer. I was told it was 240 volt but I'm having doubts. Would I be able to tell from the panel? The following is an excerpt from my building's electrical specifications. The building has 10-20 apartments:

"From a service end box, electrical feeders connect to a service switch which provides power to the building?s residential systems. The service switch is a three-phase, four-wire 208/120 volt switch rated for 600 amperes. The service switch conducts power to the residential electrical meter bank. Each residential unit is provided with a dedicated feeder Each dedicated feeder then conducts power at one-phase, three-wire 208/120 volt to local distribution panelboards located in each residential unit."

Sounds to me like I can only get 208 volts, but if power to my unit is only provided at one phase, I'm confused as to why it would be 208 volts, which I thought was a voltage between phases.

Is it even possible for me to have a 240-volt circuit in my unit based on the above description?

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