External speaker wiring for iPod

I bought a bargain external speaker and mic for an iPOD. I wanted to play a tape recorder device direct into the speaker by plugging the speaker + mic into the 3.5mm (1/8 inch) output of a tape recorder.

It wouldn't work even when changed some of the connections after I had checked the pinout for the four connectors on the 3.5mm plug and

When I opened up the external speaker + mic there was circuit board. What does the circuit board do?

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And why does the speaker have four connections ???

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I think you've described an amplified speaker powered by the ipod.

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Meat Plow

On 10/2/2009 10:46 AM Meat Plow spake thus:

Yep. That puppy's not gonna work without external power (5 volts, I'm guessing?).

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David Nebenzahl

What's a "tape recorder"?

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Wouldn't those spools bind up when you put it in your pocket?

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Does the output on the tape recorder drive a set of headphones?

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Dave Plowman (News)

A tape recorder is just like a wire recorder except it uses flimsy plastic tape instead of nice sturdy steel wire.

Another Bill on the newsgroup.

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Bill Shymanski

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