my question to anyone who would like to answer is about the necessity
of having a condenser in the ceiling fan second question is
what is the difference between the functions of the choke and the
starter of the tubelight?
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It creates a shifted phase for the motor, to make it turn in the right direction.
The choke (inductor, ballast) limits the current flow through the tube to the design rating for that tube size. The starter does as the name suggests, starts the arc in the tube. Once started, it performs no function, and could even be removed.
Note that you are posting to a heavily US-based newsgroup, and the US uses rather different fluorescent lamp control gear to that you find in most of the rest of the world, due to their much lower mains voltage. It also uses terminology differently to describe some aspects of fluorescent lamp control gear, so beware of this if you are asking questions in a US newsgroup or reading on the Web. I am assuming that since you seem to be based in India, you have a standard 240V mains supply.
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Andrew Gabriel
thank you andrew for answering my question.and you got the supply voltage right that it is 250v in India.however speaking about terminologies i m sure the other devices perform almost the same functions except that they are modified for the 110v supplies in the US.i guessed since you seem to be knowing about these devices i asked about. thank you once again .god bless.
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Most fans I have installed or taken down change the fan speed by putting more or less capacitance in the circuit. Most three speed motors used for fans or flowers use taps in the main winding. Since the "stator" is inside the rotor in a ceiling fan there may be some advantage to eliminating the internal taps.
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John Gilmer

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