Fuse ratings question

I have been having difficulty obtaining a glass fuse 5mmx20mm for a US
DVD player I own. It is rated at 2amps and 125volts. I can only seem to
find this particular size of fuse in 2amp 250volt. Can I use this
safely? Why is ther a voltage rating as well as amperes? Thanks in
advance for any help.
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Use it and prosper !! The voltage rating is the max voltage the fuse can interupt without damage to the enclosure. The 250 is above the 125v.
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Rheilly Phoull
When a fuse blows, it is possible for an arc to form that will keep the current on, even though the fuse has opened. This depends on the voltage rating of the fuse and the applied voltage - the higher the applied voltage, the greater the potential to arc across the open fuse element. SO for higher applied voltages, you need a higher voltage rated fuse.
Use that 250 V fuse. A 250 volt rated fuse can break a 250 volt circuit - or any voltage below that - and extinguish the arc. It will work fine in a 125 volt circuit.
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