Ground voltage and mild shock from domestic appliances

I get a mild shock (more of a tingle) when I touch the metal part of a dishwasher, or various other "grounded" things in my house. It is noticeable if I am standing in bare feet on the tiled floor.

The house has some quite old wiring, including some old 3-phase sockets, as well as some (the majority) regular modern sockets - the only thing plugged into a 3-phase socket is the electric cooker. We are in France where lots of domestic appliances only have 2-pin plugs, although the dishwasher (for example) has a 3-pin plug. We are in a rural location, and I don't know the details of how the house is earthed.

I have read a little bit about floating ground but I don't really know much about this - could that be what's causing this. If anyone can suggest any further things I should check to determine whether I may have faulty / dangerous wiring, that would be great. Thanks, Simon.

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On 07/02/2004 Simon opined:-

That does sound very much like what you describe as a 'floating ground', the ground earthing system not actually connected to ground.

Get a professional in to take a look.

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Harry Bloomfield

My uncle had a home in Etampe north of Paris. 220v lighting in a floor lamp bit me. No 120v bulbs, everything was a minimum of 220 single phase. I was bare foot on the concrete. Uncle said wear slippers and get on the rug. I tried to explain, he was well over 70 and said it works just fine if you wear slippers and stand on the rug. I got tired of arguing so I gave up. He died of cancer 10 years later.. I agree get a professional. The electrical services I saw were pretty scary by USA standards.

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Although it is just speculation, many device running of a hot and neutral without a separate grounding conductor may have a capacitor going to exterior metal parts. As long as the capacitor is good, you have little to worry about, but should it fail, you can have real trouble--like dead.


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His wife he means.

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